The Team

The Boss, JMS, Jean-Michel Sinet, is an active participant of the first African rally raid. He is the creator of the association AIO (Amitiés Internationales Organisation) founded in 1987 with the Raid de l’Amitié, a real bomb in the middle of the rally raid. A simple concept to share with everyone, the passion of the great outdoors. Later came the Pamaranoudak and the inimitable Shamrock.
Some members of the association have been following him for many years, others are new, but all are listening to you, whatever your problem on the track and have the desire to share with you a great moment.
Truckers, Controllers, Convenience Stores, Medical, Photographers, Videographers, Paperwork, Consultant, Internet, ...
We are all volunteers, and we form this association with you. Members vary from year to year, but all have the same passion ... Discover other horizons, forget time ... Escape for a few days together. The joy of finding us, of finding you!

O like Oscars 

The Oscars are there to accompany you along the way, they are the ones you will see stop in the middle of nowhere, waiting patiently for you to arrive at the departure, passage or finish checks.
Turn off the throttle when you see them and they'll be there for you, whatever your problem.
Watermelons or other small pleasures are always with them to welcome you!

M like Medical 

From the smallest scratch to the biggest injury, they're always there to fix it for you, advise you, or reassure you, about your health. You won't be able to miss them, they're dressed in red.
These doctors specialize in emergency assistance in any situation.
No shock photos will be published... : A BIG thank you to this shock team prepared for all the events!

D like Convenience stores 

With valuable help along the track, they will always try to help you on the spot, but be careful not to get passed by them because they must not leave anyone behind them!

A like Assistance

You can store your vehicle in their truck, "refill" gas/petrol, on the track when needed or change tires. They often pass through the tar, bypass us and join us where they can!
The assistance is not only within

the AIO organization because we also welcome Moroccan mechanics with multiple talents who accompany us throughout the course and do not hesitate to work at night, so that you can leave in the morning, in complete serenity with your vehicle.A France- Moroccan team at the top!

The beer pump

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy a fresh lemonade or a beer when the stage is over. She races to get to the last control of the stage, sometimes foams a lot, but it's always cool, it's a moment of exchange after the tracks not to be missed !!!

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