31ème Raid de l'Amitié 2018

9-step course
Agadir - Guelmin - Tata - Chegaga - Tinehir - Merzouga - Outa Oulad - Saïdia

Stage 1 

Agadir - Guelmin
Monday, April 30,
Departure 8:00 a.m. We attack this first stage of 400 km by a track by the ocean, the woops are at the rendezvous. A little burst before starting a "cayteuse" track, a tribute to Jeff; The CP1 is in sight, we leave for 30 km of beach. Warning, high tide, obligatory deflating! We now have a lot of sandy turns, a pure happiness before attacking the dreaded ford, a lot of mud, a little seaweed, some turtles and we leave for the last straight before GUELMIN where some purchased ‘Cheches’ will do the happiness of those who have not left.

1st: R08 BUCH Bertrand and DOPPLER Bernard
2nd: R09 MILLOT Marie
3rd: 301 JUSSAUME Sophie and Quentin

Stage 2 

Guelmin - Tata
Tuesday, May 1,
Departure 8:00 a.m. A good night's rest and we leave for 300 km of track and small tar.
The mountains are majestic, dizzying, a work of art embroidered in the rock. The track is rolling, the temperature is rising. Goodbye Atlantic!
We are now slaloming in the wadi, left, right, the pebbles roll, the pace is slower but this crossing between two mountains is worth it.
Soon we tackle a more rolling plateau, the perfect track for one last flight to Tata.

1st: 62: BOETE Jean
2nd: 64 RAMBOUT Jerome
3rd: 303 GAIDELLA Thomas

Stage 3 

Tata – Chegaga
Thursday, May 3,
Departure 9am. On the way for 250 km. The air is full of dust, we do not see the reliefs, the sand wind is not far away. The first part is a mixed track, a bit of sand and hard terrain, very nice for a leg setting. Soon lake IRIKI, the sand wind is no more, the flight to the CP2 will be exceptional! A short stop at the mirage inn, a mint tea and it's left between the Tamaris to the Najid camp.

1st: R03 DELBAERE Jean-Christophe
2nd: 41 MAYOL Jean-Charles
3rd: R09 MILLOT Marie

Stage 4 

Chegaga - Chegaga
Friday, May 4,
Departure 9:00 a.m. The 4X4de their tires and pull out the shovels: ) It's off to more than 100 km of let-up caught in the dunes ... Guaranteed feeling... The more daring will make the big loop. No wind, it's going to be a hot day!

1st: 11 CARAYON Antoine
2nd: 28 DAVID BRAZ
3rd: 100 COSTES Jean-Robert

Stage 5 

Chegaga – Merzouga
Friday, May 4,
Departure 9:00 a.m. 325 km to go today. Those two nights in the desert were perfect, no wind! We start with an online start on a large rolling part. It is better to be in the first so as not to eat too much dust and not see anything. The track is very nice, rolling to wish. We cross a shot, the mountains are beautiful, they are in needof a hat. Soon Merzouga, a 3-day stop at Sadoq, Auberge Kasbah de Merzouga... an oasis at the foot of the dunes!

1st: 8 BaumGART Frédéric
2nd: R03 DELBAERE Jean-Christophe
3rd: 7 HOUOT Stéphane

Stage 6 

Merzouga – Merzouga
Saturday, May 5,
Departure 9:00 a.m. Today we're going to play around the ergs, without normally getting into it.) we will have to stay the course, but also know how to get around the difficulties if necessary. We pass through small villages some abandoned, others still alive. A good warm-up for tomorrow.
Thanks to the convenience store teams for bringing R12 back.

1st: 28 BRAZ David
2nd: R03 DELBAERE Jean-Christophe
3rd: 38 CROS ALAIN

Stage 7 

Merzouga – Merzouga
Sunday, May 6,
Departure 7:00 a.m. Merzouga's erg... A little reminder during the briefing, no one leaves alone!! Beware of heat and lack of water! The shovels will again be very useful in this stage.
The wind is present in the dunes. We attack directly, it's early, the sand is buoyant at this hour, top! But soon things get bad, a bad dune and here we are perched in the void ... Funny feeling. Some 4X4s tried their hand at gliding, while others planted their noses in the sand... the burst. No injuries, everyone came home delighted with this sandy day.

1st: 11 CARAYON Antoine
2nd: 80 CHARBONNEL Romain
3rd: 100 COSTES Jean-Robert

Stage 8 

Merzouga – Missour
Monday, May 7,
Departure 8:00 a.m. for 370 km. We leave on a rolling track and say goodbye to the dunes and south. We cannot drive too fast because the terrain hides gullies that it is better to pass at pace. The track becomes technical, you have to know how to gauge between brake and speed. We attack the climb of the pass, beautiful steps to pass, but the landscape is breath taking, we follow the wall and arrive very quickly on a powdery and yellow and green plateau. The weather is bad, the relief melts with dusty clouds, fortunately, a huge straight very rolling takes us to Missour or a thunderous storm awaits us ...
A big congratulations to the convenience stores, 202 and 204 who returned very late in this pouring rain.

1st: 43 DEPEYRE Christophe
2nd: 88 CHARBONNEL Romain
3rd: R03 DELBAERE Jean-Christophe

Stage 9 

Missour – Saidia
Departure 8:30 a.m. It's the last one (a kind of depression sets in in us, we don't talk much this morning. The stage is long, more than 460 km and a pa at 3000 m awaits us in the middle Atlas. The rain clothes are out, it's going to be cold! The terrain turns into a real clay, directing the vehicle becomes impossible, we all move forward. The bikers dance on their mounts, their feet on each side, all covered in mud. What a final step! The landscapes are exceptional, a mixture of stone and red ochre. One last pass of oued and we trace towards Saidia under a hailstorm ... The lucky ones will see the last part of the slopes, for the others, the ascent of the wadis forces them to go by the road.

1st: 88 JACQUES Cédric
2nd: 14 DARLET Jacques
3rd:303 GAIDELLA Jean-Thomas

Remise des prix

1st: Stéphane HOUOT (No. 7)
2nd: Steve REDING (No. 13)
3rd: Christopher JAUTARD (No. 4)
4th: Frédéric BAUMGART (No. 8)
5th: Jean-Charles MAYOL (No. 41)
6th: Michel BOTTNER (No. 34)
7th: Jean CITERIN (No. 76)
8th: Romain CHARBONNEL (No.80)
9th: Cédric JACQUES (No. 88)
10th: Nicolas TERRAL (No. 5)

1st: Olivier ROU (No. 207)
2nd: Nicolas LAMOTTE (No. 205)
3rd: Christophe BONNAIRE (No. 201)
4th: Anthony LAURENS (No. 202)
5th: Ralph MAURICE (No. 203)

1st: Julien LEBLANC (No. 302)
2nd: Thomas GAIDELLA (No. 303)
3rd: Sophie JUSSAUME (No. 301)

1st: Jean-Christophe DELBAERE (R03)
2nd: Sylvain DIDO (R36)
3rd: Renaud BELOUIS (R69)
4th: Pierre IDELOT (R10)
5th: Jean-Pierre FAUSSART (R02)


We thank His Majesty King Mohamed VI, the National Gendarmerie, the Moroccan authorities, the towns and villages of Morocco that we have crossed and in particular the host cities, Agadir, Guelmin, Tata, Merzouga, Missour and Saidia.
A big thank you to Najid and his team for the Chegaga camp (http://www.maroc-desert.com/).
A big thank you to Said, Salim and Abdhu from the GARAGE IRIKI Zagora.
A big thank you to all the participants of this 31st edition:
Valérie ANELLO, Julio ANO, Régine ARNIHAC, Bertrand ASSE, Aymeric BARBRY, Frédéric BAUMGART, Didier BEDELE, Louison BEDELE, Loris BEDELE, Eric BELLIARD, Renaud BELOUIS, Christian BERTHE, Annick BERTHE, Aude BISCHOFF, Daniel BLAIN, Grégoir BLOT, Alain BOCQUET , Christelle BOCQUET, Jean BOETE, Gilbert BONIN, Christophe BONNAIRE, Martin BOOTS, Michel BOTTNER, Sébastien BOUILHAC, David BRAZ, Bertrand BUCH, Eric CALMON, Antoine CARAYON, Ricardo CARDOSO, Romain CHARBONNEL, Jean CITERIN, Pierre-Yves CLINCHART, Murielle CLINCHART, Eric CORNU, Benoît CORRUBLE, Jean-Robert COSTES, Alain CROS, Grégory CUGNO, Laurent DANIELE, Jacques DARLET, Stéphane DEBOISHEBERT, Olivier DEFLANDRE, Jean-Christophe DELBAERE, Kateline DELBAERE, Christophe DEPEYRE, Amancio DESOUSA, Nadine DIDO, Sylvain DIDO, Bernard DOPPLER, Laurent DUC, Jean-Marie DUVAL, Jeanine DYLAG, Jean-Pierre FAUSSART, Pierre FAUSSART, Cédric FERBACH, Violaine FLOCH, Antonio FORTE, Myriam FRANCESCHI, Thomas GAIDELLA, Jean-Pierre GALLET, Claudie GALLET Arthur GALLOIS, Célia GALLOIS, Louis GAUTHIER, Christian GIRIBALDI, Robert GOULAS, Josianne GOULAS, Armelle GRANDIN, Roland GROISON, Léane GROSS, Quentin GROSS, Guy GRUMBACH, Jean-Paul HIGY, Stéphane HOUOT, Pierre IDELOT, Cédric JACQUES, Thierry JACQUES, Christopher JAUTARD, Clovis JEANDEL, Robert JEROME, Denis JIQUELLE, Sophie JUSSAUME, Quentin JUSSAUME, Cyrille JUSSAUME, Loris JUSSAUME, Johan KOENEN, Nicolas LAMOTTE, Bernard LASSERE, Thierry LASSUS, Anthony LAURENS, Jacky LEBECQ, Julien LEBLANC, Louis LEDOUX, Philippe LEGENDRE, Stéphane LEGRENZI, Jean-Marc LEGROS, Jacques LESUEUR, Peter LOLESSO, Gautier MANSART-ROGER, Xavier MARRE-BONIFACE, Ralph MAURICE, Jean-Charles MAYOL, Arthur MENDES, Alain MEUCCI, Marie MILLOT, Khadra MOUMNI, Benoît MOUVAULT, Philippe MURRIS, David NOEL, Monique NOEL, Sascha OERTEL, Kamel OUANES, Mustafa OZTURK, Erwan PEPIN, Fabien PFLIEGER, Olivier PICHERY, Michel PINTEAU, Hubert POIXBLANC, Jean-Yves POULIZAC, Daniel QUIGNAUX, Jean-Pierre RADZIEJA, Jérôme RAMBOUT, Steve REDING , Jean-Pierre REDING, Michel RHEIMS, Cindy RISSE, Olivier ROUS, Julien SEGUIN, Alexandre STROOBOBOBS, Tanguy STROOBOBANTS, Stéphane TEINTURIER, Nicolas TERRAL, Hervé THEURIOT, Claude TRINQUET, Cécile TRINQUET, Mathieu TROQUIER, Pascal VAN BULCK, Vincent VERSACI, Frédéric VILLY, Jean-François VOUGA.


Girls first :) Kathy, Karine, David and Jean-Michel.

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