Toujours un grand moment d'émotion !


Everyone brings a little something and gives it whenever they want on their journey, coats will be very popular in the heights, baby seats and strollers make always moms happy, deckchairs, medical equipment such as splints, crutches, clothing, sneakers, blankets, equipment computer, notebooks, pens… All of the useful things which you no longer use at home can make a child smile or a parent thankful.

The smile of children, even the joy in their eyes will make your travel more beautiful, you will never remember this adventure in the same way.
We take care of the transportation of the largest donations and distribution, with you and on your behalf!

1 Cahier, 1 Orange

(1 notebook, 1 orange)

It is a simple exchange between French and Moroccan pupils. French schools collect books, notebooks, pens throughout the year. We give them to the heart of schools in the most isolated regions of Morocco and in return, we distribute the oranges collected in the royal domain to the French schools and to all those who participated in the operation.

Beyond this initiative, we distribute clothing, childcare equipment and other donations that we collect throughout the year thanks to your good heart!

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Ballon du bled

(Village Balloon)

It is with the aim of developing our exchange with Morocco that Operation Ballon du Bled was born. The objective is simple: to collect as many balloons as possible to distribute to children. Everyone comes with a ball, football, rugby, basketball..., whatever. This little ball will delight you all along the way. Indeed, behind every village and school, even the most remote, there is always a football field where children play after school, just a ball can light up and beautify a recess! Don't forget to bring yours back when loading the equipment.

Balloons must be strong so that children can play on stony ground :)

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